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Local Government NSW makes regular submissions on behalf of member councils on a range of issues affecting local governments and the communities they serve.

Topic Submitted to Date
Draft - Homelessness Amongst People Over 55 in NSW  NSW Standing Committee on Social Issues  9 June 2022 
Draft Submission - Council Conflict of Interest Policy Department Planning and Environment  May 2022
Issues Paper: Renewable Energy & Agriculture in NSW NSW Department of Primary Industries  May 2022
Independent Flood Inquiry NSW Government May 2022 
Issues Paper: Resource Recovery Framework NSW Environment Protection Authority
May 2022 
Draft Submission - Review of Domestic Waste Management Charges IPART  April 2022 
Coastal Management Act Review
Submitted to: Dept Planning and Environment  April 2022
Draft Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Regulation 2022 NSW Environment Protection Authority
April 2022 
Inquiry into Puppy Farming in NSW NSW Legislative Council Select Committee March 2022
Thermal Energy from Waste Regulation 2021
NSW Environment Protection Authority
March 2022
Discussion paper - A new approach to rezonings
Department of Planning and Environment
March 2022
Women’s Economic Opportunity Review
NSW Treasury March 2022
Food Production and Supply in NSW  NSW Legislative Assembly Committee on Environment and Planning
February 2022
Draft Large-Scale Solar Energy Guideline
Department of Planning and Environment
February 2022
Proposed Design and Place SEPP
Department of Planning and Environment
February 2022
Joint Procurement on waste services: Options paper
NSW Environment Protection Authority
February 2022 
Stewardship for Consumer and Other Electrical and Electronic Products Discussion Paper
Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
February 2022
BASIX Higher Standards NSW Department of Planning and Environment February 2022

Submission regarding fees for NSW councillors  NSW Local Government Remuneration Tribunal
February 2022
2022-2023 State Budget - NSW Local Government Priorities NSW Treasury January 2022

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