Shaun McBride
Senior Strategy Manager
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Intergovernmental Relations

An agreement between councils and the State Government establishes the kind of equal partnership needed to really deliver good outcomes for NSW communities.

LGNSW signed an Intergovernmental Agreement with the previous NSW Government in 2019, which incorporated some very important principles:

  • No forced council mergers
  • The quickest possible return to democratically elected representation following the appointment of any Administrators, and
  • Consultation with LGNSW before any laws or significant policy initiatives impacting on the sector.

The IGA also committed the State Government to consideration of councils’ financial capability and budget cycles before they are asked to provide new or expanded functions, and to alleviate potential budgetary impacts on councils where possible.

A new intergovernmental agreement between the NSW Government and LGNSW is being prepared, in keeping with NSW Labor’s pre-election commitment.