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LGNSW 2023 State Election Priorities

Local Government NSW’s 2023 Election Priorities highlight the critical issues facing the local government sector and details what must be done if councils are to continue providing the services our communities deserve.

The priorities are informed by the local experience of councils across the State. They are designed to ensure we can all navigate the economic headwinds already placing immense financial pressure on households, businesses and society in general.

They place an emphasis on the need to strengthen the resilience of our infrastructure, services and systems to ensure our communities can accommodate growth while withstanding the extreme weather events that have become all too common in recent years.

There is also an acknowledgement of the impact climate change is having on the environment and liveability, as well as the need to increase productivity and workforce participation in all areas of the state.

Crucially, the priorities call for greater cooperation between state and local government, which will ultimately benefit the entire NSW community.

LGNSW seeks the commitment of all political parties and individual candidates to support these priorities in the 2023 NSW Election and ensure that together we can continue to deliver for the people of NSW.


LGNSW 2023 pre-election toolkit

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