2. Protect and invest in local, social and community infrastructure

Local government owns and manages $160 billion in infrastructure assets, including local roads, bridges, pedestrian and cycle networks, local water and sewerage utilities, stormwater and water management, regional airports, parks, pools, recreation, cultural, family and community services facilities, and a range of other infrastructure vital to liveable local communities. 

As the closest sphere of the government to the community, local government is best placed to plan for and deliver this essential local infrastructure. Councils must be fairly supported by other spheres of government and funded to ensure vital community infrastructure is in place.

LGNSW is calling on the NSW Government to: 

  1. Ensure that councils are not worse off under any reforms to the infrastructure contributions system.

LGNSW is calling on the NSW and Australian governments to: 

  1. Maintain and increase funding arrangements to enable councils to deliver roads and local infrastructure to support new and growing communities.
  2. Increase investment in water security, transitioning to net zero emissions, affordable housing and accessible infrastructure in line with LGNSW’s pre-budget submission.
  3. Invest in quality, affordable, accessible early childhood education across NSW.