LGNSW Chief Executive
LGNSW Chief Executive David Reynolds.

David Reynolds

LGNSW Chief Executive

David Reynolds has worked in local government for almost 17 years, after starting his career in the private sector as a lawyer specialising in employment and industrial law. He is also a qualified company director.

Before taking up the role as Chief Executive of LGNSW, David was the Group Manager of Shire Strategy at The Hills Shire Council – a fast growing council in north-western Sydney. In this role he led the council’s strategic programs across land use planning, property, infrastructure and transport planning, recreation planning, asset management and special projects of a capital nature.

David also served Camden Council as its Customer and Corporate Director and he spent 8½ years at Blacktown Council, where he was responsible for the workforce and corporate development function at what was then the largest council in NSW.

David has broad and deep experience across the many functions of the local government sector.

In addition to local council experience, he has participated in a number of industry groups at the State level, including several award working parties, discussions on contributions reform, and he was closely involved in the delivery of the Western Sydney City Deal.