Increasing Resilience to Climate Change


Susy Cenedese
Strategy Manager, Environment
Phone: 02 9242 4080
[email protected]

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image shows dried lake with cracked mud

How do we secure water as the critical enabler for communities, economies and the environment in the context of a changing climate?

How do we keep water in the landscape for longer whether that’s in cities or towns, in the home or on the street?

Big changes are under way in how citizens and their governments think about water, and local government is critical in bringing about these shifts in thinking.

This exciting new podcast, Climate Resilience, is for those on the frontline: council staff and policy makers concerned with changing water use practices from the ground up.

In two series, we dive deep into the issues.

  • In the Namoi region, we look at how councils are preparing for unprecedented drought with limited water for public works and keeping towns alive.
  • In the Shoalhaven, we look at emerging policy and practice around the best way to use the water we have, via water sensitive urban design.