Shaun McBride
Senior Strategy Manager 

Phone: 02 9242 4072

Local Government NSW (LGNSW) is committed to driving positive reform in local government to ensure councils can continue to meet the needs of their communities.

At LGNSW, we recognise the need for change in the local government sector to address some of the ongoing challenges facing member councils, including insufficient revenue, cost shifting, inappropriate legislation and regulation, and poor inter-governmental processes.

That’s why we’ve undertaken the following activities in recent years:

  • Release of IPART reviews into rating
  • Funding for Joint Organisations
  • Campaigned against forced amalgamations
  • Developed the LGNSW Amalgamation Toolkit and Workplace Reform Toolkit 
  • Engaged with the Independent Local Government Review Panel
  • Supported the implementation of the Destination 2036 Action Plan
  • Conducted our Modernising Local Government project
  • Sponsored the Independent Inquiry into the Financial Sustainability of NSW Local Government (Percy Allan Report)

Joint Organisations
Information pending

Fit for the Future program
Following a three-year independent review of local government, the NSW Government released its Fit for the Future (FFTF) program in September 2014. This program has been highlighted as one of LGNSW’s key initiatives for driving reform in local government. 

Local Government Act Review
In 2016, the Office of Local Government (OLG) commenced a review of the Local Government Act 1993, with the first series of amendments passed through parliament on 30 August 2016.

LGNSW was a key contributor to the review, making various recommendations and submissions, and working closely with the OLG, the United Services Union and the Local Government Professionals Association on the amendments.

LGNSW also conducted workshops for councillors and general managers at its Annual Conference in October 2016 to outline the Phase 1 changes and request input on the issues to be included in Phase 2. 

Workshop presentations and submissions

Legislated amendments

  • Commenced 30 August 2016+
  • Commenced 23 September 2016+
  • Commenced 1 October 2016+
  • Commenced 25 November 2016+
  • Review of the Model Code of Conduct+
  • Review of the Model Code of Meeting Practice+
  • Induction and Professional Development for Councillors and Mayors+

Submissions and Reports

Independent Local Government Review Panel
Local Government Acts Taskforce 
Destination 2036 Action Plan
Modernising Local Government