Local Government NSW (LGNSW) provides support and advocacy on behalf of member councils on a variety of issues relating to environment policy.



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Whether it’s managing biodiversity, biosecurity, climate change, contaminated lands, water resources, sustainability or roadside environments, councils play a critical role in educating households and businesses on environment policy, as well as driving environmental programs and initiatives in their local communities.

Natural Resource Management
Local councils play a key role in managing and protecting our natural resources, including a range of Natural Resource Management (NRM) responsibilities as defined under the Local Government Act 1993.

The Act directs councils to properly manage, develop, protect, restore, enhance and conserve the local environment for which it’s responsible, in a manner that’s consistent with and promotes the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development

What’s more, councils have a range of functions, powers and responsibilities that can influence NRM on public and private land. This includes strategic planning and development control, managing public land, and regulating private activities. NRM activities include biosecurity, stormwater, biodiversity, roadside environmental management, water quality, as well as restoration and rehabilitation of habitat and support to local bush care and land care activities.

Pollution regulation
The Protection of the Environment (Operations) Act 1997 is the main legislation that enables councils to regulate and monitor the environmental impact of activities and (unlicensed) premises in their local area. Under the Act, councils can investigate complaints and issue prevention notices and clean up notices.

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In this section

 Koala sitting in a gum tree.

Learn about conservation and management of biodiversity and threatened species in NSW.

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 Sand beach path leading to the ocean.

Find out about biosecurity, including weed, pest and disease management.

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 Green field bathed in either morning or evening golden sunlight.
Case Studies

Access a wide range of case studies relating to local government environment policy & processes.

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 Coastal path leading along a steep coastal ridge.
Catchments & Coasts

Read about important coastal, estuary and floodplain management reforms.

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Half a dozen fling-foxes (or fruit bats) hanging upside down on a tree branch.
Flying-fox Habitat Restoration

Learn more about the Flying Fox Habitat Restoration Program.

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 Graphic design of integrated planning and reporting.
State of Environment Reporting

View requirements for State of the Environment reporting for councils.

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View from the air of lightly vegetated sand dunes.
Climate Change

Find out how local government is adapting to climate change and planning for the future.

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Murray-Darling rivers converge at Wentworth 
Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Details about Murray-Darling Basin Plan and its impact on local communities.

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 Pair of bushwalkers, surrounded by green vegetation, climbing some bush stairs.

Access information on ecologically sustainable development for local government.

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 Golden sun shining from behind clouds of smoke from an industrial chimney.
Contaminated Lands

Discover how LGNSW partners with the EPA on a variety of land contamination issues.

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Looking  at a piece of highway stretching into the distance.
Roadside Environments

Access information on Roadside Environmental Management

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 Tree-lined street in Bronte NSW
Urban tree canopy

Learn about policies relating to street trees, urban forests and urban green cover.

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