Sanjiv Sathiah
[email protected]

50km/h road sign.

Austroads Road Safety Task Force: Speed Management Case Studies

Austroads is seeking case studies to identify examples of speed management activity.

The project aims to document the success factors and issues that impact the desired outcomes in a negative way.

A key component of this work involves collecting case studies to inform road agencies regarding the future application of speed management practices.

NSW councils are invited to participate by submitting case studies to the research study.

The focus will be broad and will include a range of examples of local government interventions and identify process and outcome effectiveness, as well as lessons on the implementation of these interventions, documenting actions taken, engagement and communications activity, stakeholder and community engagement and involvement, if any, of media.

For councils interested in contributing to this research, please get in touch with Sanjiv Sathiah at ALGA by email [email protected].