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LGNSW Industrial Officer

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LG Remuneration Tribunal sets 2022 fees for mayors, councillors

The Local Government Remuneration Tribunal has handed down its 2022 determination on the fees payable to mayors and councillors.

On 20 April 2022, the tribunal determined a 2% increase to the minimum and maximum fees payable to mayors and councillors. The determination takes effect from 1 July 2022.

The tribunal also received five requests for recategorisation of councils. It found that the existing categories and allocations of councils to these categories remained appropriate. However, the tribunal did note that “some councils may have a better case for recategorisation at the next major review of categories in 2023.”

To access the tribunal’s annual report and determination, including an updated list of applicable minimum and maximum fees by LGA category, please see Local Government Remuneration Tribunal (

For further information, please email Isaac Mann, LGNSW Industrial Officer, or call him on (02) 9242 4148.