National Skills Commission 

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New tool for tracking employment trends

Sourcing data on occupational and regional employment trends will become easier with the release of the NERO data dashboard by the National Skills Commission.

This dashboard provides experimental data on current employment in 355 occupation across 88 regions in Australia using an emerging technique known as nowcasting. Until now, data at this level of detail was only available once every five years as part of the ABS Census of Population and Housing. With NERO, the data will be updated monthly.

This tool should be a great asset for council workforce planners who will be able to identify and track employment trends in their region in occupations of demand. For example, councils will be able to see how many people are employed in their region in a particular occupational category, relative to neighbouring regions or other states.

NERO will be used by Careers at Council as an important source of information about candidate location.

NERO can be searched either by occupation or by region with the data available for download in a variety of ways.