Debra Law
Divisional Coordinator

Phone: 02 9242 4000

General Manager Remuneration and Legacy Report

Council general managers and human resources managers are invited to order a copy of LGNSW’s GM Remuneration and Legacy Report.

The report provides comparative benchmarking data and reporting on general manager cost-to-council, which can be useful to consider when attracting or retaining general managers, developing organisational structures, and negotiating performance-based pay increases.

The report provides comparisons between:

  • all councils
  • urban or rural councils, based on the NSW Office of Local Government classification
  • comparison groups based on LGNSW Management Solutions classification (councils with similar demographics)
  • Local Government Remuneration Tribunal determinations effective from 1 July 2019
  • comparison groups based on NSW regions.

Visit the LGNSW website to order a copy of the report or email Debra Law, Divisional Coordinator LGNSW.

Reports (PDF) will be delivered automatically to councils subscribed to LGNSW’s workforce analytics reports package. Supplementary reporting can be found using the LGMS online reporting tool Fathom.