Jane Partridge
Strategy Manager, Planning
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Combustible cladding remediation – new action by State Government 

The NSW Government recently announced further details of its plans to facilitate removal of combustible cladding from residential apartment buildings.

Under a program called Project Remediate, the Government will provide interest-free, 10-year loans and an assurance service to oversee the removal of combustible cladding on eligible high rise residential buildings.

A new team within the Office of Building Commissioner, which has been set up to deliver this program, has been engaging with councils affected by cladding.

In briefing sessions this month, councils will receive further information about the program and how it will affect councils, as well as updates on the role of the Cladding Product Safety Panel.

Information about Project Remediate
Information about the Cladding Product Safety Panel

LGNSW welcomes feedback on councils’ experience with cladding and Project Remediate. Please email Jane Partridge, LGNSW Strategy Manager, Planning.