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LGNSW maintains a strong media profile across the state. We produce media releases and editorial and respond to current issues.


Report Recommends Increased Support for Councils to Protect Local Heritage 27 October 2021
Domestic Violence Accommodation Funding Will Help Councils Protect Those Most at Risk 20 October 2021
Local Government Joins Calls for Urgent Investment in Social Housing 19 October 2021
Councils welcome support for local outdoor dining revival 15 October 2021
Councils, Communities Say No to Contributions Cash Grab 13 October 2021


Councils frustrated at limited start of promised roads takeback 22 September 2021
Deputy Premier promises local government involvement in COVID recovery roadmap 17 September 2021
NSW Government Developer Contributions Bill: Community and Council Futures at Stake 16 September 2021
LGNSW thanks Premier for meeting with COVID-hit mayors 15 September 2021
State Leaders to Meet With COVID-impacted LGA Mayors  14 September 2021
COVID-impacted Councils Continue Call for a Meeting with the Premier 3 September 2021
NSW Premier refuses to meet collectively with mayors of 12 COVID-hit communities 2 September 2021


New podcasts highlight water innovations in a changing climate 25 August 2021
Council Early Childhood Education Centres to Get Federal COVID Relief 24 August 2021
Early childhood staff in COVID hotspots prioritised in vaccination rollout 17 August 2021
NSW Government to Provide Council Financial Support to Save Jobs 13 August 2021
Councils welcome call to send infrastructure contribution rule changes back to drawing board 13 August 2021


NSW Government Must Commit to Holding COVID Safe NSW Local Government Elections in 2021 26 July 2021
Central West council coalition wins bid to host prestigious 2022 visitor economy conference 22 July 2021
Local Government Boundaries Commission's independence must be guaranteed 22 July 2021
Council-run day care centres call for economic support during COVID lockdown 21 July 2021
NSW councils to oppose rule changes to infrastructure contributions 16 July 2021
Government promises $5 billion COVID funding following councils' calls for support 15 July 2021
Local Government preparing for all contingencies for September elections 12 July 2021
Council workers can get time off to get COVID jab 06 July 2021
Councils call for urgent support to help businesses survive lockdown 01 July 2021


Councils welcome NSW-wide plan for Closing the Gap 28 June 2021
Councils concerned about infrastructure contribution rule changes 25 June 2021
Councils’ efforts to support electric vehicles backed by State Budget 24 June 2021
NSW councils give State Budget a qualified tick of approval 22 June 2021
NSW councils' calls have been heard in the waste strategy 16 June 2021
Councils encouraged to highlight environmental efforts as part of World Environment Day 4 June 2021
NSW councils welcome Productivity Commission report as part of their efforts to drive locally led recovery 1 June 2021


NSW's peak body for councils welcomes new appointment 27 May 2021
Port Macquarie hosts vital visitor economy conference 26 May 2021
Time to act on road takeback promise 19 May 2021
Bill shock reprieve for ratepayers 17 May 2021


Councils leading local job recovery 21 April 2021
NSW councils to lead next phase of flood recovery efforts 15 April 2021
Short term rental rules put on hold following LGNSW advocacy 14 April 2021
Indigenous council staff join alumni of scholarship winners 13 April 2021
New rules for short term accommodation rips control off council 13 April 2021
Regional councils get financial support for digitising planning process 8 April 2021
LGNSW advocacy pays off for flood affected councils 1 April 2021


Inquiry calls for council grants overhaul 30 March 2021
Super fairness for elected councillors at last 16 March 2021


Super fairness for elected councillors at last 16 March 2021
Walkley Award-winning journalist set to inspire women in council 23 February 2021
Scholarship opportunities to further indigenous careers in council 15 February 2021
Councils welcome the new 24-hr Economy Commissioner 11 February 2021
Vale Lilliane Brady, OAM 8 February 2021


New funding critical for councils’ frontline recycling efforts 22 January 2021



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