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LGNSW Media Releases 2020

LGNSW maintains a strong media profile across the state. We produce media releases and editorial and respond to current issues.


Councils keeping beaches and green spaces COVID-safe, but need government help 21 September 2020
Call for greater support for local arts and culture 19 September 2020
New drive to get women to run for council welcomed 17 September 2020
New Rate Peg Will Help Maintain Essential Services 9 September 2020


NSW councils welcome release of bushfire inquiry findings 26 August 2020
$500 million for timber bridge repairs available from this week 25 August 2020
New productivity report calls rate pegging into question 21 August 2020
National Cabinet missing vital voice of local government 21 August 2020
Government’s new Council Code of Conduct brings even greater transparency 11 August 2020
Awards recognise councils’ contributions to their communities over a challenging year 6 August 2020


Councils welcome flexible rates proposal in new government review 22 July 2020
Port Macquarie to host vital tourism conference in 2021 17 July 2020
Outstanding councils to be recognised during Local Government Week 16 July 2020
Government planning improvements and commitment to prevent associated cost shifting welcomed 7 July 2020
Federal recycling funding welcomed, but questions remain 6 July 2020
NSW councils: changes to developer donations will delay investment in public infrastructure 3 July 2020
NSW councils call for help on growing drug and Aboriginal over-representation crisis 2 July 2020
Local government employees guaranteed economically responsible pay rise over three years under new award 2 July 2020
NSW councils welcome $497m accelerated roads and road safety funding 1 July 2020


LGNSW critical of new housing code being imposed on communities 1 July 2020
Waste export deadline underlines urgent need for recycling solution 25 June 2020
Government’s IPART response will result in fairer council rates 18 June 2020
Postponed elections allow councils to focus on critical issues facing their communities 12 June 2020
NSW Government must keep promise to take back 15,000km of roads off councils 10 June 2020


Australian councils unite in push for seat at the national decision-making table 29 May 2020
LGNSW announces new chief executive 29 May 2020
Pat Dixon 2020 award winners announced 25 May 2020
Federal stimulus package wins council applause 22 May 2020
Councils wary of Planning Minister intervention 17 May 2020
Councils welcome overturn of attempted power grab 13 May 2020
Proposed rates reform no silver bullet 8 May 2020 
Council-led local recovery is good for business 5 May 2020


Building reforms must not be delayed 30 April 2020
Cautious support for fast-track development criteria 28 April 2020
Councils applaud NSW Govt stimulus package 26 April 2020
Best road to recovery is locally led by councils 25 April 2020
Showground funds welcome but councils need more 17 April 2020
New award supports council jobs 16 April 2020
Councils welcome moves to fairly fund community infrastructure 15 April 2020
Childcare centres saved, but council workers still out in the cold 9 April 2020
Childcare centres under threat by new funding plan 3 April 2020


LGNSW welcomes certainty of council elections postponement 26 March 2020
NSW councils need election certainty; welcome remote meeting provisions 24 March 2020
Councils are helping to ensure communities have access to enough food and other goods 20 March 2020
Councils call on the State Government to fast track funding of recycling in this year’s budget 13 March 2020
Positive first step: State Government responds to local government calls to Save Our Recycling 8 March 2020
National Plastics Summit: NSW councils call for State and Federal governments to work together to cut waste and Save Our Recycling 1 March 2020


NSW Government must invest more in recycled materials and re-use to drive down waste to landfill 27 February 2020
Local government employees to receive domestic violence provisions 21 February 2020
Applications open for 2020 Cr Pat Dixon Memorial Scholarship 20 February 2020
LGNSW welcomes rates relief for bushfire victims
5 February 2020


Balranald Shire residents deserve a democratically elected local council as soon as possible 29 January 2020
Narrabri set to host 2020 LGNSW Water Management Conference 28 January 2020
LGNSW welcomes expert panel to identify roads to be transferred from rural and regional councils to the State 24 January 2020
LGNSW welcomes service to coordinate bushfire donations 17 January 2020
LGNSW welcomes $60 million for bushfires recovery 10 January 2020