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Save our Recycling

LGNSW relaunched the Save our Recycling campaign and a new report, At the Crossroads - the state of waste and recycling in NSW, at its 2019 annual conference.

The campaign achieved some great wins for local government ahead of the last state election, securing commitments from two major parties to reinvest the Waste Levy in local recycling solutions.

But NSW still has a recycling problem. That’s why we relaunched the campaign ahead of the 2020 NSW Budget, to put recycling back on the agenda and secure greater funding for local government for waste and recycling education and infrastructure.

We compiled this video:

We urged the NSW Government to:

  • Fund councils to develop regional plans for the future of waste and resource recovery in their regions
  • Fund the delivery of priority infrastructure and other projects, procured by local government, that are needed to deliver the regional-scale plans, particularly where a market failure has been identified
  • Increase local and state government procurement of recycled goods made with domestic content; and
  • Fund and deliver a state-wide education campaign on the importance of recycling to encourage the right way to recycle, the purchase of products with recycled content, and promoting waste avoidance.

Supporter Pack

We urged councils to help by using a recycling supporter pack. It contains logos, banners, website buttons, posters and more – as well as a Mayoral Minute councils could use to officially endorse the campaign asks. 

We know local government is dealing with the worst of our recycling problems. With this campaign, we were working to secure the funds local councils so desperately need to improve waste and recycling services and help build a circular economy in NSW.

In March 2019, then LGNSW President Linda Scott presented a petition to the NSW Government to Save our Recycling.


Save our Recycling Election Summit - 6 March 2019

A Save our Recycling Election Summit was held at the Sydney Mint on Wednesday 6 March from 9.30am to 11.30am. 

Attendees included representatives from government, industry experts, academics, councils and the media. There was also a panel discussion with an opportunity to pre-submit questions for the panel. We invited elected officials, council executives, waste staff and other industry players to attend to demonstrate their commitment to recycling and the development of an innovative, homegrown recycling industry in NSW.

Here's a glimpse of what happened at the summit (NB: some of the speakers may no longer hold the offices as stated in the captioning).