Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit

Local Government NSW joins the NSW Government and local government industry bodies to commit to mentally healthy workplaces in local government.

In the next few months, the NSW Government and local government industry bodies will:

  • Relaunch jointly branded resources to promote mentally healthy workplaces,
  • Commence an industry-wide campaign to address bullying and harassment in the workplace,
  • Conduct research to identify the causes and contributing factors of mental health issues in local government, and
  • Develop a reward and recognition program to promote positive workplace culture in NSW local government.

Read our joint statement (PDF, 170KB)

If you have any questions, contact LGNSW’s Industrial Relations Unit on (02) 9242 4142.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit

This toolkit helps councils and other local government organisations:

  • Prevent and minimise psychological injuries
  • Maintain a mentally healthy workplace
  • Develop awareness about the causes of psychological injuries along with preventative and management strategies.

It includes information about developing, implementing and evaluating health and wellbeing programs as well as providing samples and templates to assist this work. 

Also included are other learning and self-assessment tools which can be readily accessed and used - often at no or minimal costs - to enrich the health and wellbeing of staff.



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