3. Support local government in community and economic recovery

As communities recover from compounding impacts of prolonged drought, bushfires, COVID, and more recently severe flooding, local government will be central to driving a locally led community and economic recovery.

All spheres of government must work together to ensure social and economic vibrancy flourishes in communities across NSW.

LGNSW is calling on the NSW Government to:

  1. Work with councils to establish and implement Local Activation Precincts (LAPs) with a $10 million (minimum) commitment for a "Business Ready Fund" to support the development of this initiative.
  2. Provide assistance and work with local government on a reconsidered approvals process for people seeking approval to rebuild after natural disasters.
  3. Provide additional resources and work with councils to refine and improve the NSW Planning Portal to enable it to deliver efficiencies and reduce costs for councils as well as improve its operation for users. 

LGNSW is calling on the NSW and Australian governments to:

  1. Continue to fund local recovery officers in disaster impacted areas.
  2. Fully fund the clean-up of flood-damaged or destroyed buildings and structures, particularly those that contain asbestos, and establish and operate an Asbestos Emergency Management Flying Squad to provide expert advice to councils.