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Members at 1947 LG conference

The timeline below provides a snapshot of key events throughout our history.

In response to an invitation by Ald William Hutchinson, Mayor of Balmain, 29 mayors from across NSW gathered in Sydney Town Hall to debate “the desirability of establishing a Municipal Association, embracing the whole of the municipal councils of NSW”. After unanimous agreement, the Municipal Association was formed to represent corporations within the Municipalities Act of 1858. It was decided the Association’s objectives would be “to watch over and protect the interests, rights and privileges of municipal corporations; to take action in relation to any subject affecting municipal bodies on municipal legislation; and to promote the efficient carrying out of municipal government throughout the colony”.

The Municipal Association changes its name to the Local Government Association to include newly created Shires.

The Shires Association forms separately to represent the Shires. Both Associations operate independently, each with a Secretary as their only permanent staff member.

Shires Association Secretary (Mr Glassop) is unable to attend a local government meeting in Melbourne due to ill health. Local Government Association Secretary (Mr Bluett) represents both Associations at the meeting, and offers to take on the role of Shires Association Secretary while Mr Glassop is ill “without fee of any kind”. Mr Glassop passes away later in 1922, after which Mr Bluett is appointed Secretary and Solicitor of the Shires Association. This means both Associations operate with a common Secretary, yet continue as separate organisations with separate accounts. This structure continues for approximately 50 years.

Staff numbers increase at both Associations to provide additional services to members.

The Associations agree to operate with a joint budget from the start of the 1981/82 financial year.

The Local Government Association and the Shires Association merge to become Local Government NSW.