Local Government's Role

LGNSW works with all levels of government to help create more inclusive and liveable communities. In a liveable community, all people feel engaged, can participate in local activities and do not face barriers to carrying out their regular daily lives.

Some features of a liveable community are:

  • Walkable pathways, road crossings and ramps.
  • Seating in public places.
  • Accessible and well located public toilets.
  • Public spaces are well lit and have weather protection and hand rails.
  • Parking is located near essential services.
  • Signage is clear, and includes Braille.

We have collected photos of examples of liveable communities, based on the World Health Organization's Age Friendly Cities checklist (PDF,1.41MB).

Healthy Built Environments

Councils are important in creating public places where people can live healthy active lives and participate in their communities. A number of useful resources have been developed to support councils in developing healthy environments, including: