Council Roadside Reserves Project

The Council Roadside Reserves (CRR) Project is a three-year project funded by the NSW Environmental Trust and managed by LGNSW.  This project will provide $1.46 million in funding to NSW local councils through a contestable grants process to be implemented over 2017-2019.


The CRR Project has been established to build the capacity of councils to enable values of natural assets in roadside reserves to be embedded into the integrated planning and reporting systems of councils. 

Council Roadside Environmental Management Framework  

LGNSW has developed the Council Roadside Environmental Management Framework (CREMF) (PDF, 2MB) which aims to streamline roadside environmental management in councils.

Grants are available for councils to be part of the statewide pilot program to trial the framework concepts to improve the management and long-term environmental value of their roadside reserve assets.  

Consultation with councils highlighted challenges to the long-term management of roadside environments. This new framework aims to embed roadside environmental management into a council's Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) framework and includes resources and tools to assist councils in the process.

How will implementing the framework assist councils?

The framework looks at councils' many complex road responsibilities holistically and aims to support councils in NSW to navigate complex legislation, meet regulatory requirements, minimise risk and make the process of improving roadside environments more efficient and cost effective.  Embedding roadside environmental management within IP&R has the benefit of streamlining the process by linking it with existing planning, reporting and asset management systems.

The framework provides tools to help councils assess and improve the value of roadside reserves.  It includes innovative solutions to manage roadside reserves as part of councils existing built assets and infrastructure processes. 

A presentation is available which provides an overview of the CREMF.

CRR grant project

Successful CRR grants

The grants program was highly competitive with 42 applications received.  There are 21 successful applications (PDF, 212KB), totalling $1,205,206.

Grantees can access the project plan and reporting templates here.

This project has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.