Is your council a member? Over 50% of councils in NSW have committed to sustainable procurement by becoming members of Sustainable Choice.

Member Councils (PDF, 60KB)

What are the Member Benefits?

  • Access to in-house staff training.
  • Join a network of councils.
  • Invitation to attend network meetings with other members to facilitate cooperation and shared learning.
  • Up-to-date product development through forums with suppliers.
  • Website access containing a database of suppliers to enable staff to find products and services.
  • Quarterly newsletter showcasing council achievements, new products and interesting facts.
  • Fact and guidance sheets on specific products, services and sustainable purchasing issues.
  • Annual sustainable procurement scorecard and annual report that identifies council progress.
  • Access to the case studies database and assistance with developing case studies for promotion.
  • Invitation to a series of sustainable procurement workshops and forums.
  • Access to a range of resource documents, including:
    • Other councils sustainable procurement, fleet and events policies.
    • Pre-prepared draft media release.
    • Sustainable tendering guidelines.
    • Product briefing papers.
    • Past workshop resources and presentations.

How to Become a Sustainable Choice Member

  1. Resolution - a council resolution re-affirming council's support for sustainable purchasing and committing council to participate in the Sustainable Choice program. A draft resolution is available in resources.

  2. Membership - written acceptance of the LGNSW's invitation to join the program, with inclusion of resolution date.

  3. All Staff Email - all staff in your council need to be aware of the benefits of being a member of Sustainable Choice, including being able to use the online database. An 'all staff' email is available in resources.

  4. Establishing a Team - this may be an existing team already coordinating other related programs.

  5. Policy - incorporate sustainable purchasing principles into council's purchasing policies and systems (your council may already have these in place). A draft  is available in resources.

  6. Staff Education - participate in free staff peer education and information sharing between councils in the form of newsletters, workshops, and case studies produced by Sustainable Choice.

  7. Mainstreaming - increase the level of sustainable purchasing by integrating it with council's everyday purchasing systems.

  8. Reporting - participate in the Sustainable Choice annual reporting survey.