Mentoring for Mayors and Councillors

LGNSW offers a mentoring service to mayors and councillors of all member councils.


  • Access to confidential advice from highly experienced colleagues
  • Contact your mentor as many times as you need
  • Free service
Our mentors provide support and guidance and, where appropriate, will direct mayors and councillors to LGNSW staff or organisations that can offer additional and specialist services and advice.

Issues discussed with mentors

LGNSW established the mayoral mentoring service in 2012, with mayors seeking advice on a range of issues including:
  • Relationships with general managers and other elected members
  • Managing disruptive behaviour of fellow councillors
  • Financial sustainability and possible solutions
  • Conflict of interest
  • Code of conflict complaints
  • Local government reform
  • Contractual negotiations
Feedback from mayors who have utilised the program has been extremely positive and includes the following comments:
  • 'I have found [my mentor] a great support when dealing with difficult issues'
  • 'The advice is honest and accurate. Emails and phone calls were returned promptly'
  • 'An opportunity to speak confidentially to a skilled but arms-length professional'
Following the success of the mayoral mentoring service, LGNSW extended the service to all councillors of member councils from 1 July 2016.


Whilst the mentoring service does not cover accommodation and transport costs to councils outside of the region where the mentor resides, communication between elected members and mentors can occur via email, phone, Skype and occasionally, in person.


The following highly-qualified and experienced mentors are available:

For Mayors

Mike Montgomery AM
Mike Montgomery AM: former SA President, former ALGA President and former Mayor of Moree Plains Shire Council.

For Councillors

Julie Hegarty
Julie Hegarty: former Director LGNSW, former councillor Pittwater Council
Greg Matthews
Greg Matthews: former Vice President (Regional/Rural) LGNSW, former mayor and councillor Dubbo City Council


Mayors and councillors can access the mentoring service by emailing