NSW Local Government Change the Story Preventing Violence Against Women

  • Date:

    23 March 2017

  • Time:

    9:30 am - 3:30 pm

  • Location:

    Holiday Inn Parramatta, 18-40 Anderson Street, Parramatta

This workshop, networking and connecting event is for NSW local government officers.
It will build understanding of the national approach to preventing violence against women and their children: Our Watch's Change the Story. This is a great opportunity for NSW local government officers who are working in their communities to prevent violence against women and their children:
  • How do we know that our work to prevent violence against women is effective?
  • Why do we implement the programs that we do?
  • What do we do after we've raised awareness, distributed service referral information and taken action to challenge the condoning of violence against women?
  • What's next?
This workshop will:
  •     Build our understanding of why we need a sound framework to inform our work to prevent violence against women and their children
  •     Build our understanding of the Change the Story framework including how we can implement it in our work- with examples and case studies
  •     Be a great networking and connecting opportunity with others working in local government to prevent violence.
By City of Parramatta, LGNSW and Our Watch.
Scott Holmes & Jane Torney
Project Managers
Practice Capability Development - Our Watch
Further Information
Maggie Kyle
Community Capacity Building Officer
City of Parramatta
Liz Gemes
Senior Policy Officer
Local Government NSW
02 9242 4063