• Sydney CBD


    The next meeting of LGNSW Learning Solutions' free quarterly learning and development network.

  • South Grafton

    This forum will offer participants the opportunity to explore the role that councils play in the safe management and regulation of asbestos within their Local Government Areas.

  • Sydney NSW

    This one-day workshop will provide you with an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of consultative committees in a Local Government.

  • Sydney CBD, for venue details contact LGNSW Learning Solutions

    This one-day practical workshop is designed to give participants an understanding of the importance of minutes for successful governance in informal and formal settings. 

  • Throughout NSW


    Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), also known as ‘drones’, are increasingly capable and adaptable across a range of tasks that are performed by local government. From infrastructure management and vegetation mapping to land use planning and tourism, drones have the capacity to perform many tasks, often saving time and money when used appropriately.

    There are many options variables to consider when determining the best use of drones – the range of technologies available and how they may be used, public safety, current laws surrounding drone operations, contractor versus in-house operations – these are just a few of the issues to address in determining how and when drones may be used in the local government environment. 

  • Swissotel, 68 Market Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000


    LGNSW Learning Solutions’ Employment Law Seminar will bring you up to date with recent legislative changes, giving you the knowledge needed to successfully manage challenging workplace issues.

  • Sydney CBD, for venue details contact LGNSW Learning Solutions


    Effective writing is talk ‘tidied up’, however many people were never taught the basic rules of grammar and punctuation that help writers achieve this. To give your writing credibility and make sure your message is correct and clear, it is important to understand and apply the rules of grammar and punctuation covered in this course.

  • Throughout NSW

    This practical workshop is is directed towards general managers, directors, human resource practitioners, payroll officers and line managers.


  • Sydney, for venue details contact LGNSW Learning Solutions

    Business Excellence refers to the ability of an organisation to sustain superior performance into the future through the continuous improvement of outcomes delivered to its stakeholders.

  • Sydney, for venue details contact LGNSW Learning Solutions

    This is a practical skills program focusing on the basic principles of  effective letter and email writing.